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imagine robb teaching you the traditional dances of the north before a feast so you don’t embarrass yourself. they’re entirely new to you, but he’s patient and just happy to be alone with you

Send “It’ll help if you talk about it,” and my character will confide in yours a memory or nightmare they’ve had that’s been bothering them.






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A girl does not give a single fuck

senerii: Siberian Huski BY ~ Rafael Tamajón

Game of Thrones Commentary: Michelle Fairley and Richard Madden on “The Rains of Castamere”.

Winter is coming.

Winter came…

Anonymously or not, give your opinion on the mun’s writing style




Send “Tap” for my character’s reaction to yours tapping on their bedroom window late at night.

Grey Wind’s ears rose when a slight “tapping” noise filled the room that night, soon his whinings waking up Robb from his slumber. 

"—What is it?" groaning, he rubbed at his eyes before turning his head to the window. "What the hell….Sansa?!"


Standing up from the bed, Robb made his way to the window, Grey Wind following closely and growling lightly once he heard Sansa’s voice calling from outside. “Shut up.” he commanded the beast rather annoyed, turning his head to look at him for a moment before he opened the window —the chill breeze hitting his bare skin almost painfully. He hissed, a glare upon his eyes as he looked at Sansa.

"Why the hell are you outside this late?" he asked, slightly concerned though he didn’t show it. "You will have to climb up, sis. Here let me help you." Robb then added, offering his hand to her.


Gazing at his offered hand she let out a heavy sigh and moved closer to the window.  “Thank you.”  Jumping up some she was able to Grab his hand with her own and pull herself up with Robb’s.  “I couldn’t fall asleep so I went out for a walk.  It helps me sometimes when sleep doesn’t come to me, no one really knows about this but then again I really never have a problem being locked out.”  She said softly keeping her eyes averted from her brothers.

"I’m sorry for waking you up Robb, but you were the only one I knew who would let me in."  Moving her head she stared down at Grey Wind sitting beside her brothers feet, keeping his intent gaze upon her.  "Thank you so much for letting me in.  If you didn’t wake up I may have turned into a human popsicle."  At that moment she looked up at her older brother and gave him a small smile of thanks.


As soon as she was inside his room, Robb quickly closed the window —the skin of his bare chest covered in goosebumps from the cold. He was still half asleep when she began to speak so he had to shake his head a bit to awake from his numbness. Grey Wind whined softly, golden eyes leaving the red haired girl and fixing themselves on his master.

"I did not know you had troubles in sleeping, sister." he admitted with a sigh, moving towards one of the chairs and retrieving his cloack. "—Here…" he offered, walking up to her and wrapping the heavy fabric around her shoulders; his hands rubbing against her arms to generate some warmness.

He took a moment to look at her, matching river-blue eyes eyeing her as intently as Grey Wind, before he sat on the bed and slid a hand down his face, his eyes having a hard time to remain open.

"What is it? ——What is disturbing you, sister? Despite his tiredness and slight annoyance, hearing about her night walks made him worry somehow. He, after all,was the eldest and he was supposed to look after the others.

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[text: Margy] That’s good news actually.

[text: Margy] I think I see you



The blonde swayed on her feet when she saw Robb, a smile over taking her lips. “Robb!” She slurred her words more than she wanted to. The only thing wrong with her really was her hair, and well she was missing her shoes. Other than that, she was a pretty drunk. “Hi.”

Robb had to suppress a bark of laughter at her drunken stupor, the way she called him out making it even more amusing.

"Hello, Margaery." he greeted her in return, quickly approaching her and holding her by her arm and shoulder so she wouldn’t fall. "——Rough night?" jokingly he inquired, starting to walk again, his eyes not leaving her. 

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[text: whoras] She won’t find out.

[text: whoras] We could tell her you’ll be spending the weekend with me or sth.

[text: whoras] Yeah, sure…Tell me about it…


[text: Roob]: As your friend, I have the most experience in trying.
[text: Roob]: If late night trips Downtown haven’t done you in yet,
[text: Roob]: nothing will.

[text: whoras] I still have a feeling I’ll die choking on korean bbq.

[text: whoras] And those trips are always your idea.

[text: whoras] Wait…are u trying to kill me?

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The Mormonts of Anchorage, AK and Washington, DC - Modern!AU

Jeor Mormont (James Cosmo) - He served in the Marines during the Vietnam War and worked for many years in law enforcement in his hometown of Anchorage. Due to his excellent record, he was offered a job with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a Special Operations Officer. He currently lives and works in Langley, VA, although he is well past retirement age. Due to the demands and high stress of his job, he has very little spare time. 

Jorah Mormont (Kevin McKidd) - He served with honor and distinction in the Navy Seals. He later worked for many years in the FBI, but he eventually began selling secrets to the Colombia cartels and other groups that would pay him good money for whatever intelligence he could dig up through governmental computers. When he was found out, he disappeared to India where he has been ever since. Recently, however, he has returned to the United States under an assumed name and works as a security guard for Targaryen Arms Co. Whether this has anything to do with the large reward Robert Baratheon promised those that would kill every last Targaryen is unknown at this time. 

Maege Mormont (Sigourney Weaver) - Jeor’s sister worked for many years in the National Park Service near Denali before returning to Anchorage to work in the police department. She is tough as nails and unflinching. She has raised several daughters on her own while continuing her work. She recently retired, but still works on a voluntary basis. Her greatest loves are the outdoors and her daughters with whom she spends every spare moment she has. 

Dacey Mormont (Jaimie Alexander) - Maege’s eldest daughter studied political science at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, before receiving a full ride scholarship for a Master’s in Security Studies at Georgetown University. After graduation, she went to work as an intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense. Although the majority of her work is classified, her main area of concentration is Iran. 

Alysane Mormont (Leelee Sobieski) - Maege’s second daughter left Anchorage when she graduated high school and followed Dacey to Reed College. She studied political science. She attempted law school at USC, but dropped out and moved to Washington, DC, where she worked as a chef. Recently, she has established her own business - The Bear Island Bar & Grill - which has become a watering hole of sorts for various members of the intelligence and defense community.